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God Will Prevail
When we serve God, our place is NOT to instruct God on how to do things, but our place is to accept God’s instruction and direction and move ahead obediently! God is sovereign and He will prevail!
A Glimpse Into The Heart Of God
Here we are on Easter Sunday, and we can see from these scriptures is into the heart of God. He doesn’t want to destroy us but would rather have all come to repentance and show love and mercy. He doesn’t want to give us what we deserve but rather restore us and settle us with Him in Heaven.
Time To Bring Forth Fruit
God, give me a heart that's really after You--that singleness of purpose to just worship, serve, and bear fruit for the Lord.
The Party’s Over
The last thing we want is to run around with a woe is me attitude. We must live a life that is fruitful and honors God. Never forget that He rescued you from captivity and has the Promised land waiting for you. Don’t be foolish and squander it. Don’t let the party be over in your life.
You Reap What You Sow
Our prayer is that that seed that is planted will grow and produce an abundant harvest for the Kingdom of God.
Beware Of Backsliding
We must guard ourselves from the things of this world so that we can be protected from backsliding. We are not to be of this world but rather a light in it and to take others out of it.