Audio/Video Ministry

Behind every church, there’s a great AV team! The Audio & Video (AV) Ministry at Seed Of Hope is a powerful “behind-the-scenes” service ministry. Every note or delivery of the message is supported by our team of professionals. We offer sound enhancement support and video production of our services and special events. From capturing a powerful word on both audio and video to the setup and maintenance of our equipment, our AV team works diligently to ensure the essence of the moment is not missed!

While our primary services are audio recordings and the creation of CDs for resale purposes, we are expanding our Audio & Video Ministry to incorporate video recordings, live streaming, as well as MP3 formats to download on any mobile, android or IOS platform. We are committed to meet people where they are at—spreading God’s word by any of today’s popular media devices.

The Audio & Video Ministry endeavors to provide the best possible audio and video technical support to ministry areas through attentiveness, technological knowledge, and awareness of the goals of other ministries. The AV Ministry has a passion for using technology as a means of recording and sharing God’s Word; whereby praising our God to let the sound of His praise be heard.

We strive to assist the Church in reaching the congregation and community using technology to amplify, record and share God’s word. Our Ministry supports the communication needs of its people. Serving the Lord and our Church is at the heart of this ministry.

While possessing an audio and video background is preferred, we will train individuals who are interested in joining our AV team. Simply fill out the form below if you would like to be a part of the team.