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Prepare To Meet Your God
Let’s not end up like the Israelites but seek the knowledge of God and His wisdom in all that we do. Let’s be prepared to meet our God!
You are Accountable
We can no longer set back and do nothing or say nothing when we know the truth. We must always remember just how accountable we are if we call ourselves His children.
The Target On Your Back
As we reflect on Amos’ prophecy together today, I don’t want to hear anyone say, “Great sermon pastor, this would have been perfect for my brother-in-law!” The Holy Spirit is using Amos’ prophecy to speak to all of us! Let us always work hard to keep that target of judgement off our back!
The Lion Roars From Zion
God is relentless, and God will not compromise. What Amos could only glimpse at, but we can see clearly is that our sovereign God who demands much from us has already given us so much more through his Son.