Prepare To Meet Your God

Let’s start off this morning with a little recap. In chapter 1 we learned how God announced judgement on all the nations around Israel. In Chapter 2 He announced judgment on Judah and Israel. In chapter 3 God used Amos to give Israel the reasons why He was going to bring Judgement as well as just how severe the judgement would be.

Israel had become so arrogant and complaisant that they didn’t even recognize their sins as sins anymore. They were far more concerned with their image than their knowledge or wisdom of God. Knowledge and wisdom of God are not the same thing. Knowledge is the comprehension of accumulated knowledge, but wisdom is the discernment in knowing how to use that information correctly.

Here in chapter 4, I think it shows how God used different situations to get the Israelites to turn back to Him, but they did not use any knowledge or wisdom in the matter.