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At the Temple
I saved you so that you can go after your brothers and sisters that are lost. I can’t say this enough, we have a job to do before it is too late.
Thy Will Be Done
But let me say this, if you think that sin can covered by rituals, if you think it can be solved by church attendance, or how much you give, or the works that you do, then you are wrong. It can only be covered by the blood of Jesus and accepting Him, by doing His will regardless of the cost, by doing what He commands us to do, and by living a life that brings honor and glory to him. We must trust in the Lord and start off every day saying, “Thy will be done”.
Trouble Ahead
He purchased us with a price and we need to witness to His power, be on guard, protect each other, but most importantly love one another. With that we can weather the storm and any trouble that is ahead.
Living A Life That Teaches
We need to learn to love people the way that Pual loved them, the way that Jesus loved us. We need to get out there and not be ashamed or moved from what we are called to do. We need to follow in the steps of Jesus and finish the race with joy.
Sleeping In Church
Paul is preaching till midnight, someone falls out a window and dies, God revives him, and what do you do? Paul says awesome, now I can keep on teaching and preaching. Wow, I need to get better at this and preach more like him.
The Riot In Ephesus
I want to encourage you to share the gospel with your friends and loved ones. I know people that have lost a job, or some other bad thing because they shared the gospel, but we are told to go ahead and do it anyway, and that we need to rejoice when these bad things happen to us.
Coming Clean
What does the world need more than a great Holy Ghost revival. It could start with you … Come clean today.
A Shared Vision And Mission
Relationships are worth the effort to go out of your way to circle back and strengthen. Relationships are worth your effort to stay in touch with those people whom you’ve loved. Relationships are worth the effort.
The Unknown God
You cannot love God if you don’t love your neighbor. Let’s get out there and spread the love……
Turning The World Upside Down
Guys, until His return we have an immeasurable responsibility to get out there and reach a world that is lost. We need to be an Upside Down Church, full of Upside Down People, turning the world Upside Down for an Upside Down Kingdom until He returns to turn it all right-side up. I urge us today to live Upside Down…..