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Unrepentant Israel
It is only when we are humble before Him and receive His correction with love that we truly say we are His children, and He is our father.
Israel On Trial – The Judgement
If a person knows how to humbly respond to God’s correction, God can always work with them and through them.
Israel On Trial – The Prosecution
Our prayer should always be, “LORD, don’t leave me alone. Keep working on me.” Let me get out there and work on others through you. Keep me away from those who might lead me astray and give me more knowledge of You.
He Loves Us In Spite Of Us
When we think of the greatness of God’s love and compassion towards us, it should make us much more loving, compassionate, and forgiving towards others. When people are at their…
Punishment And Restoration
Jesus is waiting to allure you unto Himself. To have a relationship with you that is built on the kind of love that you have never felt before. If you don’t know Him then today is the day.
The Prophet and the Prostitute
When our desire is for Him to leave that is what He is going to do. God does not play some sort of halfway game or let’s pretend. You are either in or your out. The time for games is over.
Paul Never Stops Doing God’s Work
Paul never missed an opportunity to do God’s work. To preach, teach and try to bring people to repentance. If we do not take our cues from Paul then we are not doing it right.
I Will Praise You In The Storm
Guys, if we learn nothing else from Paul let us learn this. We must pray and give praise to God no matter where we are at in our lives. We have to do it through the good times and the bad times. Whether we are riding out a storm or setting on a sandy beach. This is Gods will for our lives. Trust me, when we learn to do that, we will find peace and rest in any situation.
Paul Preaches Before A King
As faithful servants of Jesus our righteousness should mirror His, although imperfectly, and thus even the world must admit that that we have done nothing worthy of persecution. Just as in the case of Paul.
Paul’s Defense And Appeal
Only God can accuse us for what we have done wrong and only Jesus can save us from it.