Church Block Party

The Church Block Party is an event open to the community free of charge. This is a means for us to engage with the families around us. In doing so it helps us to build relationships based on trust and mutual concern for the issues we all face.

We get to know our neighbors by name because it is hard to share the joy we have in Jesus if we don’t know them and they don’t know us. This helps us show them that we are part of the community. After all, people need to you belong and care before they believe or buy in.

Jesus chose to be where people were gathered including parks, pathways, & parties. We want to engage our neighbors the way He did and earn the right to speak into their lives.

The Block Parties include:

  • Lunch
  • Activities for adults and kids
  • Movies or sports on the big screen
  • And so much more!

Come and join in on the fun!