Building/Maintenance Ministry

Building/Facility Ministry

The Maintenance Ministry team provides general and specific maintenance at our church such as adjustments and/or repair of plumbing, electrical, and paint components as would be common with normal use. Certain maintenance projects might include assembly and/or relocation of shelving, cabinetry, tables, and décor within the church property.  Most commonly, moving chairs and setting out tables for special events. Less frequent projects might involve jobs such as furniture repair and construct and/or assemble of props necessary for presentations.  In the event unusual funds, components, and/or special tradesmen are required, the Maintenance Ministry team will discuss foreseen needs and viable options with church leadership who will make final decisions as necessary.

Grounds Keeper Ministry

The Grounds Keeper Ministry perform a variety of duties to ensure the beautification of our church. This ministry is responsible for ensuring the outside of the church is kept clean, parking lots, cutting the lawns and more.